Daily Routine

Morning Session:

8.00 am                 Children arrive - child initiated activities

10.00 am               Mat time - games, songs, news and stories

10.30 am               Morning tea - toileting, wash hands and morning tea

10.45am                Child initiated activities

11.40 am               Mat time - games, songs and stories

12.00 am               Session finished                                  

Supervised lunchtime for all day children. 

Teachers tidy up previous session and set up next session and have lunch.

Afternoon Session:

 12.30pm              Children arrive - child initiated activities

 2.00pm                Mat time - games, songs, news and stories

 2.30pm                Afternoon tea - toileting, wash hands and afternoon tea

 2.45pm                Child initiated activities

 3.55pm                Mat time - games, songs and stories

 4.30pm                Session finished                 

Please ensure you are on time for both drop off and pick up. We suggest you arrive 10 minutes before the end of session to give you enough time to chat and gather belongings etc.

On Arrival /Departure at Kindergarten

Signing In and Out: 

Please sign in first thing on arrival and last thing on departure.  Using the maximum of your booked hours enables us to receive the funding which we require to maintain our ratio of qualified teachers.  Up to 10 minutes each side of booked hours is allowed by Ministry of Education without affecting funding.  


Please ensure that the entry/exit gate is closed behind you.  Never let any child out of the gate unless you are TOTALLY SURE they are accompanied by their parent/caregiver. 

Settling Children:

As each child has their own unique way of settling into a new environment we aim to work with you to settle your child in a way that is comfortable to both you and your child. Visiting with your child before they start is helpful.

Collection of Children:

If there are any changes at all in people collecting your child please let us know.  Staff will only allow your child to go home with the people specified on the enrolment form.


Two weeks notice is required when withdrawing your child/children from the Kindergarten.

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